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Environmental Policy


We are committed to minimising the impact of our daily operational activities on the environment.

Throughout our business we will:

Meet or exceed all environment legislation that relates to the Company.


  • Accepting that although paper is still necessary for business use, we will aim to ensure that only critical documents are printed.

  • Ensuring that all confidential paper is shredded and recycled through our contracted paper disposal company.

  • Providing for all non-confidential paper along with card, plastic, tins and cans are recycled through our contracted refuse company.

  • Recycling all used printer toners, and in turn, use previously recycled toners.

  • Evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible, utilising technology to further reduce any operational waste.

  • Actively promote the recycling of waste both internally and amongst customers and suppliers where possible.


  • Raising staff awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance.

  • Measuring our impact on the environment and setting targets for on-going improvement.

  • Conducting the majority of the business electronically via email and system links to reduce the need to print letters and produce waste.

  • Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental matters.

  • Reducing the amount of energy we consume through the introduction of energy saving schemes.

  • Utilise the best technology to facilitate the most convenient appointments for clients, in order to reduce travel distances and lower emissions.

  • Communicate all environmental aims and objectives to employees and external stakeholders.

  • This policy is the basis for our on-going environmental focus and will be used to measure and support any activities that are undertaken in order to reduce our operational impact.

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