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Send the job description or  work order to our co-ordination team -

Our team will contact the tenant to set up a convenient time to visit their property and produce a quote. This quote will be sent to you within 24 hours

Upon approval of the quote, we will promptly coordinate a convenient time with the tenant to execute the works at their earliest convenience

Once the job is completed we will send the proof of works and await the approval from yourselves and the landlord. Once approved we would then send the invoice.

Our devotion to Estate Agents

APM has forged valuable partnerships with a diverse range of real estate professionals, including residential agents, property managers, and commercial building experts. With our extensive expertise, APM excels at accommodating a wide array of property types, ensuring we can meet all your maintenance needs with confidence.

I recently had a major plumbing issue in an apartment i manage and APM were able to fix it quickly and efficiently.
They were very professional and courteous, and they made the process simple from start to finishI would definitely use them again.

Pete Dobleday (Residential Property Letting Agent)

Robb Walters

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